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About Us

Our Occupational Therapists support children to live an authentic and independent life, by using their strengths, interests, goals and values, to develop a range of daily living skills, self-advocacy and improved wellbeing. We are neurodiverse affirming, understanding and acknowledging that all neurotypes, with differences in behaviour, communication, expression and preferences, are equally valid.


Our OTs support neurodivergent children, including Autistic children and ADHD children, by advocating for their needs and determining suitable accommodations for their environments and tasks, to support their participation.  We support children with developmental delays and broader challenges with daily life.

Our OTs work with children and young adults within their own environments, whether that is home, school, kindy or the community. Supporting children and young adults in the environments in which they spend most of their time can make generalisation of therapeutic strategies and skills more effective and individualised. Challenges and triggers, often described to a therapist in a clinic, can be observed by our Occupational Therapists with support provided and strategies explored in the moment.

We value the lived experience, perspectives and expertise of the community we support, from the children, adults, parents and caregivers, learning and working alongside them to develop individualised therapeutic support.

If your child or young adult is experiencing challenges with their environments, daily tasks, motor skills, self care skills (e.g. toileting or dressing), social relationships or self regulation, contact Our Children’s Occupational Therapy to speak with our team and discuss assessment and therapy options. View our services here>

Plan Managed and Self Managed NDIS participants, Medicare referrals and private clients are welcome. 

2023 YEAR

We are proud to have continually supported many families across the Gold Coast. 

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Mobile Occupational Therapy Service 
Gold Coast, Coolangatta to Coomera

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