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Our mobile therapy team services the Gold Coast, however, for families located outside the Gold Coast, such as Northern NSW, regional Queensland and beyond, we can provide telehealth as an alternative to accessing therapy. 


Telehealth is using a video call over the computer to connect families and their children with our OTs. These sessions are individualised and structured to meet the child and family's needs and dynamics. Sessions may involve the following:

Child led session

Facilitated and coached by the therapist, using digital activities and printables, with either the child completing independently or with support from a parent or caregiver.

A video call appointment with the OT and child interacting for the majority of the session, most suitable for children in middle primary and above, who are comfortable with computers and engaging in this way. 

It is not expected that children sit in front of the computer the whole time as this can be difficult for them. Sessions often consist of a check in with parents, an activity or two completed with your child and then a review with parents. 

It is also beneficial when parents join in alongside their child for the sessions, as they can help their child with any adjustments to activities while also having valuable in-the-moment discussions with the OT.  

Parent focussed sessions

Advocacy support and collaborative problem-solving discussions particularly with parents of younger children or children who find it difficult to focus at the computer. 

A video call appointment with the OT to discuss your child's needs and identify strategies that can support you and build your child's skills. 

Regular appointments enables consistent review of strategies to ensure they are effective while evolving with your child's development. 

These sessions are suitable for all parents, including parents of younger children or children who don't feel comfortable engaging over the computer. Often sessions with younger children might look like the parents and child playing together on the floor, with the computer and camera angled for the OT to see, join in, talk and engage in-the-moment.

If you cannot access face to face therapy, it doesn't mean that you need to miss out on the valuable guidance and support that occupational therapy can provide.  


To participate in telehealth, all you need is a device for the video call (phone, tablet or computer, with audio and a camera) and reliable internet connection. Our therapists will also contact you in advance about materials required for the session e.g. stationary or favourite toys. 


Telehealth is also a great alternative to face to face therapy if you or your child is unwell and the home based session cannot go ahead.


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Mobile Occupational Therapy Service 
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